The cost of a whiteboard animation varies greatly on the style of the script on whether or not you want colour for your video for the style of music and whether or not you want a custom music track the quality of the storyboard and the complexity of the voice-over and paint style.


Some company’s charge as little as $595 such as doodle however some of the expensive companies can charge as much as $7000 for a one minute whiteboard animation. For this reason it is hard to give an exact ballpark figure on how much do what would animation is going to cost you however it is important to remember that you don’t always get what you pay for.

Sometimes the cheapest company will give you the best job and other times the most expensive company just simply won’t live up to its reputation and deliver on its promise.

For this reason sometimes it is best to go somewhere in the middle and choose a doodle video company which creates reasonable video scribing animations for a reasonable price. That way you get a high-quality video out having to spend masses of money that you don’t want to have to do hand out.

Another important factor in determining how much a whiteboard animation is going to cost is how many revisions they offer if a company is going to offer unlimited revisions then obviously that is going to cost some money to provide and as such you can expect to pay a higher price for your video.